Sunday, June 11, 2006

My reflection of lesson 3

Today, I explored different softwares which could be used to creat digital stories. They are great and useful. Besides, I could also add special effects, music and narration to help produce my own masterpiece. It's fun!
Here is the link to one digital stories; it's amusing. Please take some time to watch it, I'm sure you would like it.

Review of Photo Story

Major benefits of Photo Story 3

1. Photo editing

§ Perform basic photo editing tasks using the action buttons under the monitor window. The following edits are possible: -Correct color levels
Advanced editing

2. Adding effect
§ We can add a number of effects to the current picture, or to all of the pictures in your story. The following effects are available :
Diffuse Glow
Wash out
Water Colour

3. Removing the border
§ There is an option titled Remove black borders which can help you automatically crop any portrait-oriented pictures so that they are landscape-oriented and zoomed-in on the most important part of the picture.

4. Adding captions and titles
§ We can add title text to the photo story

5. Narration capabilities
§ We can add narration to and customize the motion of my photo story

6. New motion animation and transition features
§ We can customize both the panning and zooming effects for each photo, as well as the transitions between each photo

7. New music features
§ We can apply music per-picture if desired. It also lets us create our own music using a unique feature that dynamically generates a soundtrack based on a selection of genre types, styles, bands, moods, tempo, and intensity. It then customizes that music to match its length to the length of the track of photo story to which it is applied

8. Improved saving and sharing capabilities
§ We 're provided with a set of more extensive options, for example, we can choose between a set of pre-chosen settings like "Save your story for playback on your computer," "Send the story in an email message," and so on.

Major limitations of Photo Story 3
1. Wizard-based applications are complex

2. We cannot burn VCDs directly from the Photo Story interface

3. Although Photo Story 3 is free , we won't be able to download or install the application unless you've activated the OS.

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