Saturday, July 29, 2006

Prototype for interactive quiz (version 7.27)

Interactive quiz for learning about occupations (version 7.27)

By Daphne Chan and Chris Leung

The prototype for the quiz is ready. You may try it


This quiz prototype is the second part of the learning object posted on July 20, 2006:Prototype for 6323 Project (Version 7.20). Procedures are as follow:-

1. Students are expected to click on the correct button.

2. When students answer the question correctly, they can proceed to the next question until they finish all the four questions.

3. If the answer is incorrect, a word "Oops! Please try again!" will pop out and they can try again.

4. Both the number of correct attempts and incorrect attempts will be displayed in the box for record.

Comments are invited, thank you!


Blogger Marielibrary said...

I think the idea of making a quiz is very good ,after learning something a quiz like yours helps to refresh the information so that it becomes easier to remember.

1:03 AM

Blogger Terence Chow said...

Dear Daphane,

Your protptype is very educational, it could let the learner know which occuption/personnel is related to what types of building. This could led us remember it.


3:43 AM

Blogger Susanna said...

It's a good to use quiz to teach occupations. The quiz can be use to test whether students understand what you're teaching or not. I'm looking forward to your final product.

7:48 AM


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