Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prototype (Version 7.20)

Prototype for 6323 Project (Version 7.20)
Topic: Learning About Occupations Link:

By Daphne Chan & Chris Leung

1. Click the link above.

2. Click "Continue" in the opening screen to proceed.

3. When you see the building objects on the stage, click the "Hospital" building to see the occupation object.

4. When the occupation object is shown, the narration will begin. Remember to turn on your speakers.

5. After listening to the narration, you may stop for a while for elaboration in the class.

6. When finished, click the "Hospital" building again to go back.7. Click any another building objects to continue (not ready yet).

FreeHand MX
Flash Basic 8


Blogger Terrenz Wong said...

The illustration is very beautiful. It is attractive for the kids to learn and explore. It shows that you both use a lot of time to accomplish the task.

7:40 AM


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